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About Us
About Us

Hawaii’s Best Real Estate Photographers & Marketing Specialists

We are specialists in real estate marketing and offer high definition photography (HDR) that highlights the best features of your property listings.

Launched exclusively to benefit realtors and homeowners in Hawaii, 360 Imagination’s real estate marketing services include creating branded and unbranded websites for your listings, premium retouching, and color- matching of photographs, captures in MLS ready sizes to suit your requirements, designing print-ready property fliers, and providing listing viewing analytics.

Our photography services are not only for realtors but also for home owners business owners, and anyone who wants to display their property in the best light. In addition to photography, we are also experts at creating virtual tours and real-time virtual walkthroughs.

360 Imagination was founded by Chad Saito, born and raised in Hawaii with a passion for empowering local businesses. His fondness for Hawaii and dedication to supporting Hawaiian businesses is reflected in the company’s unparalleled customer service.

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Why Partner with 360 Imagination
Why Partner with 360 Imagination

We are a one-stop-shop for your real estate marketing needs. Everything you need to grow your business, sell your home, and make profits is conveniently accessible in a single spot here at 360 Imagination. With our systems we assemble all of your professional marketing material, saving you time, money, and hassle.
After a photoshoot which you can schedule here, we color match and edit your picture-perfect real estate photographs and upload them to our platform, enabling you to download your images with ease. Your profile our platform will also contain required marketing material such as fliers and website designs.

We are also the best customer service real estate photographers in Hawaii. We have an eye for the right angles, the best lighting, and deliver professional photographs that capture the most flattering features of your property, in just 2 business days! Your success is our success!

Why Professional Photography
Why Professional Photography

This is Why you Need Professional Real Estate Photography

You’ve probably heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, but if you’re a homeowner or realtor, our photographs are also worth thousands of dollars of profit for you! Here’s why you need photographs if you’re trying to sell properties:


With pictures, you can sell a lifestyle, not just a building

Let’s face it, your potential clients considering the purchase of a house are looking for transformation, expecting a new beginning, and probably have a dream home in mind. By photographing your dressed-up property and highlighting its best features, you offer a glimpse into the beautiful life they have envisioned for themselves. Real estate photographs give them the opportunity to imagine what it would be to live within the walls of the home on offer. Photographs paint a pretty picture.


Photographs compel browsers to stop and stare

Displaying photographs that accentuate the architecture, coziness, and uniqueness of your property immensely helps it stand out from the competition. Photos prevent buyers from scrolling past your listing. If there is anything that the success of Instagram and other social media has taught us, it is that visually compelling content sells!


Photographs create the first impression

First impressions last. Once a first impression is made, if it’s less than great, unfortunately it takes a long time to change it. Experts say it takes between 5 and 15 seconds for someone to form a first impression and professional photographs of your property shot in a flattering light are the best way to create a weighty first impression that can later be cashed in. Photographs are what hook your clients even before they set foot in your property.


Real Estate Photographs are worth the investment

We promise you, the investment involved in taking photographs can increase the sale price of your property. It is important to help the buyer see that your property is worth its price. An investment on real estate photographs can bolster the image of your home and in turn, increase its value by bringing in more bids on your property.


Photographs are the easy alternative to sight visits

With professional-grade photographs of your property, you allow potential buyers the opportunity to do their preliminary shopping online. Pictures pique the interest of clients from the get-go and prompt them to contact the real estate agent, from the comfort of their homes, with just a few clicks. The more photos the better and creating convenience for your buyers should be top-most on your list.

With clients doing online research more than ever before, providing ample information online and enough visual stimulation is going to make you a better seller.

Our Process

1) Book a slot online
We know time is of the essence, which is why you can now easily book our real estate photography services, simply by clicking here.
Create a profile, select a date and time for the shoot that is most convenient to you. We would also love to see some details about your property.

2) Tell us your story
We will arrive at the scheduled time at your property. Before we begin taking pictures, we would love to hear your story and stroll around your home, letting you show us its best features and what you need highlighted. Our objective is to give your customer a real feel of the property and, attract potential buyers with our images.

3) Download your photographs
You will receive an email notifying you your project is finished with in 2 business days! That’s all it takes us to upload your sparkling new images to your profile. You can conveniently download your colormatched and edited HDR photos and use them on your listings.

4) Enjoy our realtor support services
Since we’ve got the best shots of your property, we can also create image-based websites and print-ready fliers to further reach your audience. Creating real estate marketing material is our specialty and for you, they are just a click away.

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